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Sundance Geocache Roundup

Sundance geocache passportSundance Geocache Roundup is a global high-tech treasure hunt where participants can use a combination of online clues and GPS coordinates to find hidden treasures left by history loving explorers of the old west. Download Geocache Brochure HERE.

Remember your in Outlaw Territory stranger so check in at the Crook County Museum. in Sundance to get your passport. There are two separate missions, If you complete a mission, return to the Crook County Museum for your Prize wooded coin.

Crook County Museum
Address: 120 N 4th Street, Sundance, WY 82729
Phone: (307) 283-3666


GPS Guided Tours

City of Sundance

Take a GPS Guided Tour through Sundance and experience the colorful history of Sundance in a short walk around down. Use the QR Code to download the app and take the guided tour.

The streets of Sundance have seen a lot of legendary characters walk through. Take a GPS guided walking tour of Downtown Sundance. Guided by a friendly old timer on your cell phone. The free tour starts in front of the Museum and is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Download the travelstorys app, from the google play store or apple istore.

sundance gps tour route


Self Guided Tour

Stop by the Crook County Museum to pick up a self guided tour souvenir book. The route is similar to the GPS guided tour with stories, pictures, and interesting facts in a book form. The book cost $4.95 and is available at the museum.

Crook County Museum
Address: 120 N 4th Street, Sundance, WY 82729
Phone: (307) 283-3666

Contact Us

  PO Box 1004
Sundance, WY 82729
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Upcoming Events

Summer Reading Story Time
07-24-2024 10:30 am
Movies in the Park
07-25-2024 7:30 pm

Main Street Project

Stay up to date with what's happening with the Sundance Main Street Project & Old Stoney Renovation. We will be posting updated photos & renderings on a regular basis.

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